ASUS X751M Spare part list

These article describes the complete ASUS X751M spare part list. How to change any part by another one.

Laptop bottom chassis or Bottom Plastic part : DZA 13NB0601AP02011

Metal part (to be screwed into the bottom part) : 13NBO413MO5X11. No particular use except giving a little bit more weight to the bottom part.

Bottom speakers : VECO X751

MOBO : X751MD Main Board 60NB0600-MB2800. These MOBO use SR1YW Celeron CPU chipset

RAM DDR3 4Gb, you can also use DDR3L RAM, and up to 12Gb on these MOBO according to ASUS specs. For reaching 12Gb, you’ll solder 4Gb on the MOBO because there’s just 1 slot RAM on the MOBO, but there’s space for soldering the 4Gb which are lacking. Soldering RAM offers the manufacturer the possibility having a laptop with a low thickness profile. Choose your RAM accordingly to the SR1YW specs.

Wifi & Bluetooth Module to screw to MOBO : QCWB335

DC Jack to plug in MOBO : 14004-02020100

Fan & cooler for CPU & GPU : 13NB0601AM0101

Keyboard : Model 11G36F0-4422W. Wistron (or ASUS) PN : 0KNB0-610KFR00. FR standing for the language here a french one.

Pad : 13NB04|1AP0801 connected to the MOBO by cable 14010-00315900

Keyboard & Pad palmrest : DZA 13NB04I1AP02011

Power on switch module : ASUS X751 MD Power Board PN : 60NB0600-PS10200 to be attached by two screws to bottom laptop chassis and connect to the MOBO with his cable

Battery pack Li-Ion A41-X550E, 0B110-00220300M, Rating 14.4V 37Wh, first connect the cable to the MOBO then use 2 screws to assemble to the bottom laptop chassis.


Hard drive caddy

Hard drive

Hinges : 13NB0413M02011, 13NB0413M01021, X751-R, X751L

ASUS X751M Video cable (these modele is for a touch screen, but also exists for non touch screen). This cable also fits for

  • ASUS R752L,
  • ASUS R752LA,
  • ASUS R752LAV,
  • ASUS R752LD,
  • ASUS R752LDV,
  • ASUS R752LK,
  • ASUS R752M,
  • ASUS R752MA,
  • ASUS X751L,
  • ASUS X751LA,
  • ASUS X751LAV,
  • ASUS X751LB,
  • ASUS X751LD,
  • ASUS X751LDV,
  • ASUS X751LJ,
  • ASUS X751LN,
  • ASUS X751LX,
  • ASUS X751MA,
  • ASUS X751MD,
  • ASUS X751MJ,

Flat panel

Touch screen

Back lid cover

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