ASUS X75V Spare part list

How to remove and change any broken part, which are the right references and where to buy any ASUS X75V spart part.

RAM, Wifi and HDD plastic access hatch 13GNDO1AP030-1, remove 2 screws to release

Bottom laptop chassis (plastic part including speakers left and right) 13GNDO1AP021-1.

To remove it you need to disassemble quite completly the laptop.

Caution : Disconnect any electrical power, and remove the battery. Be sure your laptop is off.

First removing the access hatch, then removing all bottom laptop chassis screws. Remove the Hard Disk drive by unscrewing the caddy

Under the back plastic access hatch be careful there’s a screw on the wifi card left top part, just under the back and white cables.

Wifi card : AW-NE186H

Then open the laptop remove the keyboard, use a plastic part. Keyboard ASUS PN : 0KNB0-602AFR00. The FR in the reference stand for french, if you’re looking for another language make sure you’ve pick the right reference. Quanta PN : AEKJ3F01010, Model KJ3, Darfon PN : 9J.N2J82.V0F

Disconnect the keyboard flat cable. Remove the 4 screws attaching the palmrest to the MOBO.

Remove the DVD UJ8E1.

Disassemble the palmrest from the bottom laptop chassis using a plastic part. Then remove the hinges, unscrew them.

Palmrest reference : 13DNO2AP071-1, including the pad reference

Release the top part (flat panel part) from the bottom part. Be careful to disconnect the pad flat cable from the MOBO.

MOBO reference : X75VB Main Board, 60NB0240-mb8000

On the MOBO disconnect the speaker cable, release all screws, including the ones attaching the fan to the bottom part.

Release the MOBO.

Fan cooler 13GNC01AM020-1. Release 2 screws on the GPU, 4 on CPU, disconnect the cable from the MOBO, take care of X75VD_DC_BOARD

Hinges : 13GND010M020-1 (right), 13GND010M010-2 (left), remember to always change them both at the same time. Of course always buy a pair.

LVDS Cable : QTXJ4-ESL0206A. To remove it you need to disassemble the flat panel part. Be careful as the cable is passing on the left top under B-01 (left white wifi antenna) Wifi antennas references : 879TS101 & 879TS102. Disconnect the webcam 04G626000611. On the bottom screen outline there are 2 screws under a plastic part, remove them, and use a plastic piece to open the lid.

Flat panel : LP173WD1

Laptop lid cover : 13GNDO2AP046-1, Screen outline : 13GNDO1AP051-1

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