ASUS X751M Spare part list

These article describes the complete ASUS X751M spare part list. How to change any part by another one. Laptop bottom chassis or Bottom Plastic part : DZA 13NB0601AP02011 Metal part (to be screwed into the bottom part) : 13NBO413MO5X11. No particular use except giving a little bit more weight to the bottom part. Bottom speakers … Lire la suite

ASUS X75V Spare part list

How to remove and change any broken part, which are the right references and where to buy any ASUS X75V spart part. RAM, Wifi and HDD plastic access hatch 13GNDO1AP030-1, remove 2 screws to release Bottom laptop chassis (plastic part including speakers left and right) 13GNDO1AP021-1. To remove it you need to disassemble quite completly … Lire la suite welcomes you

These wordpress site is intended for listing and describing the more completly possible laptop spare parts. Including their Part Number, describtion, proper use and where to buy. But we need your help. We don’t know all laptop brands, nor models or specific parts for each. If you think we made a mistake, please feel free … Lire la suite